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The demand for easy-to-install video monitoring systems is greater than ever and Samsung is breaking the market wide open with exciting and affordable retail packages that will accelerate the market penetration of do-it-yourself video monitoring solutions. These new systems match Samsung's celebrated lines of LCDs, VCRs and DVDs with the best optical technology and network compatibility to provide reliable security at a price that is feasible for small businesses and families.

Samsung's home and small business monitoring systems are versatile, offering security not only against break-ins and vandalism, but allowing busy parents to check up on the babysitter and employers to keep track of several satellite offices from a central location. Samsung offers the individual DIY System components in a wide range of customizable packages. Users can include networking capabilities that will allow them to view the camera output remotely via the Internet, and connect their system with existing home alarms. A variety of monitors, cameras and recording devices maintain a new level of safety and comfort, and advanced networking options can beam an image directly to a user's wireless device if an alarm is ever triggered.


Most existing solutions provide only average quality black & white display. Samsung brings all of its TV technology expertise to bear in the DIY security arena with a range of superior resolution color display devices that offer a whole new world of image precision and accuracy. All of Samsung's CCTV monitors offer 4 or 8 camera inputs. Users can choose either a versatile flat screen or a high-quality space-saving LCD monitor. Most models include dual-quad (or greater) display that shows output from multiple cameras on a single screen. Flat-screen monitors range from the 15" Switcher model, which provides sequential display from up to four cameras, to the top-of-the-line 21" DVR model with a built-in recorder, network compatibility and capability to view input from up to 8 cameras. 15" or 17" LCD monitors offer dual-quad display with up to 8 camera inputs, and network connectivity that allows users to view camera output in real time over a broadband connection.

    Comb Filter
    The Comb filter separates the Y (black and white) and C (color) elements of a video signal reducing effects such as dot crawling. It also compares three consecutive horizontal scan lines within a single video frame and analyzes each frame in advance, ensuring the best possible picture.

    De-Interlace Function
    A progressive scan (de-interlaced), draws a full frame and at the same time it takes interlaced mode to draw a single field, showing less flicker than an interlaced scan. It also significantly reduces the visibility of the individual scan lines. Samsung Electronics’ de-interlace function converts an interlaced image into a progressive scan image to produce a vivid image.

    3D Noise Reduction
    3D Noise Reduction removes the image noise from analog video signals and eliminates image flicker to produce a clear image.

    2D Peaking Filter
    2D Peaking Filters enhance the sharpness of video images to provide outstanding image quality.

    Tempered Glass
    Tempered glass enhances the durabilty of the security monitor in demanding industrial environments.

    Response Time
    Low Response Time eliminates image dragging and after-images on the monitor screen.
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  • Cameras

    Samsung has built a reputation for elegant design that provides a perfect balance between form and functionality. The Samsung cameras included in DIY Video Surveillance packages feature cutting-edge optical technology and blend seamlessly with any décor. The Standard Camera is weather resistant and features a ¼" Super HAD IT CCD sensor for accurate, hi-resolution images. A 3.8mm focal length allows it to observe a wide area, and it also includes a microphone and speaker for 2-way audio communication. The indoor Dome Camera also features a ¼" Super HAD IT CCD sensor and 3.8mm focal length, and can be easily affixed to the wall or ceiling using the supplied tap screws. The PIR (Passive Infrared) Camera provides 40' x 56' of indoor coverage, with a motion sensor that can trigger an alarm siren, emergency lighting, and auto-recording to a time-lapse VCR or DVR. The PIR is also pet immune up to 30lbs., so Rover won't accidentally trigger the alarm. Users can buy a two-camera (2 Standard) or four-camera (2 Standard, 1 Dome and 1 PIR) package, with the option to add individual cameras of each type.

    IP Camera
    The web-based IP Camera combines Samsung's expertise in both A/V and IT technology to provide a remote monitoring option that keeps homes and small businesses secure, even from off-site. No PC is required to connect the camera to the web; it can send images across the Internet with a simple LAN, Cable Modem or DSL Ethernet connection. Owners can view up to 25 images/second of high quality video at resolutions up to 640x480. The IP Camera can also record images to the hard drive of a remote PC by viewer S/W, and can be configured to send an image via e-mail directly to the owner, whenever motion is detected. Remote Pan and Tilt Control offer a wide viewing range (Pan: ±60°, Tilt:+10° ~ -40°), with 8 presets and an Autopan function ensuring maximum security for the entire area.

      Day/Night Function
      The Day Night function allows the camera to achieve high performance even in low light conditions. The camera automatically switches from color mode to black/white mode according to the light conditions to ensure the best picture quality and thus allows consistent surveillance under any light conditions.

      Wide Dynamic Range Function
      The Wide Dynamic Range function is a technology that makes monitoring possible even inside a building, when an illumination difference between the inside and the outside exists.

      Digital Image Stabilization Function
      The Digital Image Stabilization function provides a clear image by compensating for the blurriness caused by camera instability.

      Privacy Zone Set Up Function
      The Mosaic Privacy Function provides more intelligent ways to keep things from exposure. This feature makes images look naturally obscured so that the overall picture comes with a more refined finish and easy to watch.
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  • DVRs/VCRs

    Samsung DVRs and VCRs are among the most trusted in the consumer electronics industry. DIY CCTV owners can enhance their package with a number of recording options that can connect directly to their system for hassle-free video capture. The Time-Lapse VCR option provides up to 1280 hours of recording with a jog shuttle for easy tracking, and alarm and audio recording functions. The 1 Channel DVR is a cost-effective VCR substitute that offers a removable HDD with 80GB of recording space. The DVR is easy to operate and allows simple memory stick data transfer of MJPEG video images to a user's PC. The DVR Combo offers the best of both worlds, combining a VCR with HDD data backup. The DVR Combo responds instantly to an alarm trigger, automatically recording and storing images of the area.

      Motion Detection Function
      Movement can be detected in predetermined areas by the DVR, which will automatically start recording. The sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted from low to high. High indicates high sensitivity resulting in a more prompt reaction to movement.

      Various Display Modes
      Samsung Electronics SHR series DVRs provide a flexible image display. This advanced feature allows users to randomly select any camera for the main display and other cameras for the sub-displays.

      Triplex (Monitoring/Recording/Playback)
      Samsung Electronics SHR series DVRs provide live monitoring and playback while recording live images simultaneously.

      Monitoring Over an IP
      The Network 10/100 Base-T enables monitoring over an IP through various connections - DSL/Cable Network/LAN (static/DHCP). The system supports both Samsung DDNS & public DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server).

      Monitoring and Playback Through Smart Viewer
      With the smart viewer, users can always monitor images from cameras connected to the DVR and even reach recorded imaged from a remote area. Monitoring images can also be backed up on the user’s PC.
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