General FAQ:

    Why can't PanaLog work in other countries?
    PanaLog is specifically designed for the dialing patterns of the United States only. PanaLog will not recognize other country dialing patterns and will not work outside the USA.

    Will this software only work on Panasonic Systems?
    Yes. Only USA Panasonic System Models KX-T. PanaLog Call Management Software is designed specifically for the SMDR output (Call Data) of these systems.

    How long does it take to install this software?
    Typically 1-3 minutes. Time to install will be based on how quickly the user's computer runs through the set-up process. Once the set-up process has completed, it is ready to use, and ready to start tracking telephone calls.

    Where can PanaLog be used?
    Any commercial business, home office or general home use, with a Panasonic Telephone System (KX-T).

    Will this software track intercom/inter-office calls?
    No. The telephone system does not generate this information.

    How can I separate toll free calls 1800, 1888, 1877 ? (I don't want to combine these with my actual long distance call time)
    The Special Reporting Feature has multiple search techniques. One of the features allow you to search long distance calls. The report will generate all 1+ numbers, but, it will not show toll free numbers. You can also do a separate search to see what toll free numbers were dialed. Just click on "search long distance" or "search toll free" and your report is available in seconds.

    Does PanaLog Support 10-Digit Local Dialing Parameters?
    Yes. If your current PanaLog version does not support 10-digit local dialing, an upgrade is available.

    Does PanaLog Support Centrex/Plexar?
    Yes. In the customization screen, simply "check the box" if this telephone company feature applies to your business.

    I have a KX-TD1232. I am using another call accounting program that supports 16 extensions. When I add more employees I have to buy an add-on, or additional software to accommodate these extensions. Why is PanaLog different and what do we have to do with the software when we add more employees?
    There is nothing you have to do when adding more extensions if you are using PanaLog. This software was created with the consumer in mind. The software supports the maximum number of extensions for each control unit. Example: For your KX-TA1232, if it were at it's maximum configuration, PanaLog will track calls for 32 stations. If you start with 10 employees, and add 22 more, you do not have to spend more money on call management software. PanaLog supports every KX-TA624, KX-TA1232, KX-TAW848, KX-T123211D, KX-TD500, KX-TD1232, KX-TD816, KX-TD308, older KX-T61610, and every extension they accommodate and never will you pay an additional cost when adding more extensions.

    Can PanaLog be used in hotels/motels and is installation different?
    Installation is no different. A special software upgrade for cost accounting is also available. Not all businesses need to track the cost per call. Example: Most businesses do not charge employees for calls made during the week, and only need call management reports. A Hotel may charge customers a flat rate for local/long distance fees, a Lawyer may charge clients, etc., so besides call management, they might choose to utilize the cost accounting as well.

    Why is Caller ID Information not showing on the reports?
    Caller ID must be activated by the Telephone Company for each business line you desire. Also, a Caller ID circuit card must be added to your telephone system to process the information.