Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) Seismic Protection Systems reduce the risk of equipment damage by stiffening, bracing and stabilizing racks and rack-mounted equipment to comply structural recommendations. When planning installations in seismically active regions, CPI helps reduce the approval cycle by obtaining Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) Pre-Approval (OPA) numbers for several IT infrastructure products. In compliance with earthquake design criteria, CPI’s Seismic Systems protect equipment so it remains operational when subject to earthquakes.

CPI Seismic Protection Systems include the following benefits:

  • Reduces the risk of equipment damage due to seismic events
  • Minimizes excessive motion that may cause undue strain on cable connections
  • Increases chance of continued operations after seismic event
  • Helps installations meet seismic codes

Seismic Products for Racks – reinforces rack from top to bottom

  • Adjustable wall/ceiling braces stabilize tops of racks and frames
  • Gusset kits support up to 300 lb of equipment on CPI's Universal Rack
  • Installation kits secure racks to both concrete and wood floors
  • Raised floor supports anchor racks to subfloor
  • Heavy-duty top angles provide extra support
  • Tie-down brackets protect shelf-mounted equipment

Seismic Products for Cabinets - ensures the stability of cabinets and equipment

  • Seismic Frameฎ Cabinet System is Zone 4 rated and holds 800 lb of equipment
  • Bracing kit attaches the top of the cabinet to the wall
  • Equipment brackets prevents excessive movement of rack-mounted equipment
  • Tie-down kit keep monitor securely fastened to shelf

Seismic Products for Cable Runway – reinforces cable runway

  • Heavy-Duty Junction-Splice Kit – to connect ladder racks at 90-degree horizontal intersections when supporting heavy cable runs or when used in earthquake areas
  • Heavy-Duty Butt-Splice Kit – for straight connections when supporting heavy cable runs or when used in earthquake areas
  • Single & Double Earthquake Bracing Kits - for stabilizing cable runway hung from threaded rods
  • Wall Angle Support Kit – to support cable runway terminating perpendicular to the wall
  • Threaded Drop Rods - threaded rod to support cable runway from ceilings

Seismic Protection for Racks

Universal Earthquake Bracing Kit:
Adjustable bracket for bracing an equipment rack or auxiliary frame to wall or ceiling to meet earthquake safety codes.
Part NumberDescription
10562-001Universal Earthquake Bracing Kit

*Note: Additional installation hardware is required.

Rack Seismic Gusset Kit and Hardware Kit:
The Rack Seismic Gusset and Hardware Kit can be added to any CPI Universal Rack (46XXX series) to stiffen critical load bearing joints, reducing the need to stabilize the top of the rack.
Part NumberDescription
11592-X01Gusset and Hardware Kit; consists of:
  • (4) welded steel bolt-on gussets
  • (8) 1/2-13 x 1- 1/4” bolts and (8) 1/2-13 nuts
  • *X=color, 1=Gray, 2=White, 7=Black.

    Rack and Frame Installation Kits:
    Secure equipment racks and cabinets to the floor.
    Part NumberDescription
    40604-003Concrete Floor Kit
    40607-001Wood Floor Kit

    Raised Floor Rack Support:
    Used to support equippment racks installed on access floor systems. Kits include pre-cut threaded rod, brackets and hardware.
    Part NumberDescription
    10630-11919” Rack, 3”D channel, 16” to 22”H floor
    10630-12323” Rack, 3”D channel, 16” to 22”H floor
    11762-11919” Rack, 6”D channel, 16” to 22”H floor
    11762-12323” Rack, 6”D channel, 16” to 22”H floor

    Equipment and Tower CPU Adjustable Tie-Down Brackets:
    Secures equipment from being moved or bumped by seismic activity.
    Part NumberDescription
    12086-X19Tower CPU Adjustable Tie-Down Bracket, 19” Rack
    12086-X23Tower CPU Adjustable Tie-Down Bracket, 23” Rack
    11349-X19Desktop CPU Tie-Down Bracket, 19” Rack
    11349-X23Desktop CPU Tie-Down Bracket, 23” Rack

    *X=color, 1=Gray, 2=White, 3=Clear, 7=Black.

    Adjustable Monitor Strap Shelf for Racks:
    Secure CRT style monitors to shelves
    Part NumberDescription
    11725-X01Tie-Down Kit without shelf
    11628-X1919”W Shelf with Tie-Down Kit
    11628-X2323”W Shelf with Tie-Down Kit

    *X=color, 1=Gray, 2=White, 3=Clear, 7=Black.
    Seismic Protection for Cabinets

    Seismic Frame Cabinet System:
    Rated Zone 4 compliant, designed to withstand the seismic stress of an 8.3 Richter scale earthquake.
    Part NumberDescription
    11972-X4219”W x 36”D x 84”H, with side panels
    11973-X4219”W x 36”D x 84”H, without side panels
    11974-X4219”W x 36”D x 84”H, frame only

    *X=color, 1=Gray, 2=White, 3=Clear, 7=Black.

    Seismic Equipment Bracket for Cabinets:
    Secure equipment on shelves.
    Part NumberDescription
    14061-X1919”W, 15” to 32” D
    14061-X2323”W, 15” to 32” D

    Seismic Monitor Tie-Down Kit for Cabinets:
    Secures equipment from being moved or bumped by seismic activity.
    Part NumberDescription
    11725-X01Monitor Tie-Down Kit
    12495-X1919”W x 24”D Monitor Shelf + Keyboard Tray
    12334-X1919”W x 24”D Solid Shelf
    12335-X1919”W x 24”D Vented Shelf

    *X=color, 1=Gray, 2=White, 3=Clear, 7=Black. Other shelves available.

    Adjustable Bracing Kit for Cabinets:
    Secure the top of the cabinet to a wall.
    Part NumberDescription
    12477-X1919”W, 24” to 36” D
    12477-X2319”W, 24” to 36” D

    Seismic Protection for Runway

    Splice Kits:
    Connect Cable Runway together.
    Part NumberDescription
    11299-X01Heavy-Duty Butt-Splice Kit
    16299-X01UL Classified Heavy-Duty Butt-Splice Kit
    11298-001Heavy-Duty Junction Splice Kit
    16298-001UL Classified Heavy-Duty Junction Splice Kit

    Earthquake Bracing Kits:
    Stiffening brackets for threaded rod supports.
    Part NumberDescription
    10695-001Single Earthquake Brace
    11421-XXXDouble Earthquake Brace

    Wall Angle Support Kit for Runway:
    Secures the end of cable runway to the wall.
    Part NumberDescription
    Direct ConnectWall Angle Support

    *X=color, 0=Gold, 2=White, 7=Black. Widths ranging from 4” to 24” available.