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Sennheiser Communications offers accessories for headsets to increase your headset options. They are compatible with almost every major telephone systems and come with dynamic volume control and microphone mute. Shennheiser's interfaces also supplies easy switching between your headset and telephone handset, as well as between telephone and PC.

Passive Interfaces:

Passive Universal Interface - Miniature Design
sennheiser, Sennheiser headset, Sennheiser Headset Interfaces, Sennheiser Interfaces It enables the simultaneous connection between headset and telephone handset and ease in switching between both of these connections.

  • Provides mute button interface
  • Requires appropriate Quick-Disconnect cord (Sold Separately)

Active Interfaces:

Amplifier for Sennheiser CC and SH Series Headsets
The UI760 is the perfect interface/amplifier for your Sennheiser CC or SH headset and telephony equipment. Use the UI760 to add more connectivity, volume control and mic mute options to a direct connect setup. Also use the UI760 as your primary communication hub for an office or call center headset workstation. Operation and integration of the UI760 is simple and intuitive, making call management enjoyable - even between multiple devices.

  • Simultaneous connection of a Sennheiser headset to telephone and PC
  • Compact footprint fits at any workstation
  • Dynamic Volume control averages volume levels of incoming calls
  • Includes ActiveGard(TM) acoustic shock prevention
  • Sound Clarity System(TM) enhances caller's voice while removing noise
  • Up to 2 year battery life with powersave function
  • Direct output for economical and simple call recording
  • Adds volume control and mic mute to a direct connect setup