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SON2-16MB The Sonorous is a state-of-the-art digital audio recording and playback device designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for message-on-hold, background music or any other audio application where high-quality audio playback is required. The audio program is loaded from a CD burned as a DATA CD with standard MP3 files onto high-density flash memory using a pure digital-to-digital file transfer. After loading audio, the CD can be removed and audio plays from the 8Ω or 600Ω RCA output jack.

The Sonorous has a base storage capacity of 16MB of flash memory which can be used for message-on-hold or shorter message applications. If longer memory capacities are required, the Sonorous is available with 512MB of flash memory storage.

The Sonorous supports CD media that has been burned as a DATA CD using many 3rd party programs that are available today. For ease of use the Sonorous also supports the Windows XP and Windows Vista burning applications that are included as a standard part of the OS.

The Sonorous is also available with the optional Sonocrypt Level 3 encryption technology. This technology enables dealers to protect customers units against unauthorized loading of MP3 files.

  • 16MB base memory
  • CD autoloads standard MP3 files
  • Playback of single or multiple MP3 files
  • Supported bit-rates up to 128Kbps
  • Supported sample rates up to 48KHz
  • Industry standard CD-ROM drive
  • LED status indicator
  • Extruded aluminum construction
  • Exceptional dealer support
  • MPEG (.mp3) encoding
  • Continuous or shuffle message playback
  • Mono RCA jack audio output
  • Supports Windows XP and Vista burning applications
  • Available in message lengths of 16 or 512 minutes
  • Available in Sonocrypt encryption

Each Sonorous is built to exacting quality standards using state-of-the-art assembly equipment for outstanding reliability and years of dependable service.

  • RESET - The RESET button clears audio stored on memory when held during power up. Note: Audio is automatically erased when changing CD media.
  • SPEAKER - The SPEAKER switch can be turned ON and OFF to monitor audio. The switch has no effect on the audio OUTPUT connections. Switch should normally be kept OFF.
  • VOLUME - This pot is used to control the output level of the stored messages. Volume up is clockwise, volume down is counter-clockwise.
  • OUTPUT - These RCA jacks supply the audio output to a MOH port, PA system or speaker.
  • STATUS - The STATUS indicator is a multi-colored LED that will indicate the current operation of the unit.
  • POWER - Use this switch to turn the unit ON and OFF.
  • 15VDC - This is where the supplied 15VDC @ 1.67A power pack is connected.

Memory Tables

Bit-rateQualityMessage Time (16MB)Message Time (512MB)
32KbpsAnalog Telephone64 Minutes34.13 Hours
48Kbps40 Minutes21.33 Hours
64Kbps32 Minutes17.06 Hours
96Kbps20 Minutes10.67 Hours
128KbpsCD16 Minutes8.53 Hours

  • Sonorous Manual
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