Effective communication is more critical than ever to maintaining your competitive edge, whether your business is large or small. To meet that goal, you need a solution that unifies, coordinates, and streamlines all your communications. And you need a telephone system that cost-effectively lets you access, use, and share vital information with ease and efficiency – in your main office, between branch offices, and remotely.

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The Toshiba Strata CTX670 digital business telephone system is the comprehensive solution for your full range of telecommunication needs:

  • Multiple System Networking
  • Remote User Access
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • ACD/MIS Call Center Functions
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Voice Mail/Auto Attendant


You can network multiple Strata CTX670 systems - the ideal solution if you have a large system configuration and/or have offices in various geographic regions. You'll provide these capabilities for all of your offices:

  • One integrated telephone system
  • Centralized attendant services
  • Share one central voice mail system
  • Coordinated extension numbering simplifies network-wide dialing

One Network

Strata CTX670 provides a unified system to transmit voice, data, and video throughout your enterprise. By unifying all your communications, you’ll reduce infrastructure, capital, and operational costs. This single network also lets you take full advantage of today’s most advanced communication applications:

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
  • Transmit voice, data, fax, and video at the same time, all on one reliable digital line
  • Exceptional speed and fast call setup maximize communication efficiency while reducing cost
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) saves money by enabling call-by-call use of channels
  • Basic Rate Interface (BRI) provides high-speed LAN and Internet access, plus video conferencing, at low cost
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Eliminates long-distance toll charges between your main office and branch offices
  • Reduce cost by transmitting voice and fax calls via the Internet or your private intranet
  • By sharing applications among all your offices, you’ll enhance both cost-effectiveness and customer service
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • CTI increases productivity and reduces cost by creating an integrated business information system
  • Call information and control at the system level is available on the Strata CTX670 LAN, allowing sophisticated CTI applications
  • Caller identification, automated dialing, automated call routing, and other CTI applications maximize communication efficiency
  • Enables you to control, handle, and identify calls with ease using computer screen displays


With its server-based Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features, the Strata CTX670 system lets you effectively allocate inbound calls among your call-handling agents. Strata CTX670’s flexible new ACD solutions enable your employees to focus on performing productive tasks and providing excellent customer service. Your call center will operate at peak efficiency, increasing revenues as a result.

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Communicate With Ease

While Strata CTX670 is technologically advanced, it’s designed to be easy to use. That means your employees will get the most out of the system’s powerful communication capabilities:

  • Intuitive interface matches the way your employees naturally use the telephone
  • Displays simple instructions – including voice mail controls – on the telephone’s LCD screen
  • Enables employees to use sophisticated features with minimal training
  • Save lots of time by executing frequently used calling features at the touch of one button. User-programmable buttons make it a snap

Cost Saving

Strata CTX670 improves both your operational efficiency and your bottom line. Here’s how Strata CTX670 helps you control costs:

  • Information on every incoming and outgoing call is at your fingertips to help you determine cost-saving strategies
  • Control employee access to long-distance calling
  • Calls are routed via your least costly trunk line or long-distance carrier
  • Take advantage of cost-effective high-speed digital services
  • Remote system programming and administration won’t disrupt normal business operations

Stratagy Voice Processing

Businesses of all sizes now rely on voice mail and overall voice processing to help manage calls, provide superior customer service, enhance productivity, and facilitate communications. With Toshiba Stratagy voice processing, your employees won’t miss calls, messages, or opportunities, improving your company’s efficiency and bottom line.

Strategy DK
  • Seamlessly integrates all your voice processing functions on a single printed circuit card inside your Strata CTX670 system, designed specifically for use with Toshiba business telephone systems
  • Fast, reliable voice processing performance is assured, scince there's no need for external connections, standard telephone ports, outside cabling or a separate battery backup system
Strategy ES
  • Visual display and voice mailbox operation via the Strata CTX670 telephone and LCD display and soft key functionality enhances individual productivity
  • Unified Messaging gives you total control of your communications by enabling you to manage your voice, fax, and e-mail messages from within your PC or your telephone


Toshiba digital telephones are both stylish and efficient. Their high functionality allows your employees to maximize the benefits of the system's capabilities, improving both internal and external communications.

  • Available in charcoal gray or ash white color to match your office decor
  • A variety of 10-, 14-, and 20-button speakerphone or LCD models are available
  • Two 900 MHz digital cordless telephone models meet your needs for mobility within the office
  • The 20-button add-on module and 60-button DSS console are ideal for small/medium volume answering requirements