headset, plantronics, plantronics headsets, supra headsets Slip on the Supra headset and you will realize instantly why it is the number one headset all over the world. Thanks to an adjustable headband and light-weight design it is very stable and remarkably comfortable.

The soft ear cushion helps buffer ambient office noise. The sound quality is unexcelled - so you can talk and use the headset all day long without noticing it.

The Supra headset is perfect for phone intensive job, and is available in monaural, binaural, voice-tube and noise-canceling models to match the needs of your working environment.

  • Stable, Near Universal Fit. Featuring an over-the-head design, the Supra headset is designed to provide most everyone with a stable, secure fit.
  • Long-Wearing Comfort. Adjustable headband and soft ear cushion are designed to fit perfectly for all day comfort.
  • Superior Sound Quality. Through its monaural and binaural models, the Supra headset provides crisp, clear sound quality to one or both ears.
  • Flexibility to Meet Specific Needs. Voice tube model is adjustable and unobtrusive. Designed for noisy environments, the noise canceling model blocks out up to 75% of background noise.


Corded Headsets

The gold standard in performance and comfort — even for the most phone-intensive applications.

The Plantronics SupraPlus telephone headset family has been trusted by enterprises around the world for years, and continues to set the standard for durable, lightweight corded headsets, designed for contact center and office professionals.

  • Business-critical reliability and comfort. SupraPlus not only meets or exceeds all specifications set by our existing world-class professional headsets, but this family of headsets also delivers superior all-day, every-day comfort and reliability.
  • Wideband capability. Wideband takes advantage of the latest VoIP technologies, featuring wideband receivers to deliver improved speech clarity and life-like fidelity — which helps to decrease listening errors, repeats and listener fatigue. Fully compatible with standard band environments.
  • Stylish, lightweight design. The light flexible cable and comfortable headband design, as well as the bendable noise-canceling microphone boom, work to enhance audio quality and the user experience.
  • Plantronics compatibility. With Plantronics Quick Disconnect™ SupraPlus works with all Plantronics audio processors and USB-to-headset adapters. Direct connect solutions are also available for headset-ready phones and agent consoles, providing connection flexibility for your diverse working environment.
SupraPlus Key Features
  • Ultra noise-canceling (UNC) microphones. Noise-canceling models feature an extended boom for industy-leading noise-canceling and echo performance, allowing for even clearer conversations in noisy environments.
  • Call quality at the next level. Adding a Plantronics amplifier featuring Clearline™ or AudioIQ® technology protects from loud noises, reduces echoes and background noise, and equalizes call volume.
  • Excellent receive-side audio quality. A greater receive-side frequency response improves listening intelligibility.
  • Comfortable, lightweight design. Adjustable headband, foam ear cushions and comfort T-Pad design create a stable, comfortable fit.
  • Bendable click-stop microphone boom. Stays in position for clearer voice transmission.
  • Small, light, flexible cable. Designed for lightweight durability, with a single-cable design for binaural models.
  • Quick call feature. Headband twists out of the way for convenient quick call pick up.
  • Monaural or binaural styles. Monaural lets you hear the conversation and what’s going on around you. Binaural cuts out distracting background noises.

Model #ConnectionBoomHeadset Style
CS351N SupraPlus70510WirelessNoise CancelingMonaural
CS361 SupraPlus70515-01WirelessVoice TubeBinaural
CS361N SupraPlus70520-01WirelessNoise CancelingBinaural
HW251 SupraPlus Wideband64336-31CordClick-Stop Microphone BoomMonaural
HW251N SupraPlus Wideband64338-31CordNoise CancelingMonaural
HW251N SupraPlus Wideband75100-01CordBendable Noise-CancelingMonaural
HW261 SupraPlus Wideband73840-01CordClick-Stop Microphone BoomBinaural
HW261N SupraPlus Wideband75101CordNoise CancelingBinaural
H351 SupraPlus SLH351CordVoice TubeMonaural
H351N SupraPlus SLH351NCordNoise CancelingMonaural
H361 SupraPlus SLH361CordVoice TubeBinaural
H361N SupraPlus SLH361NCordNoise CancelingBinaural
P361 SupraPlus SL PolarisP361CordVoice TubeBinaural
P361N SupraPlus SL PolarisP361NCordFlexible BoomBinaural
D261N with Stereo DA4577560-01Stereo DA45 USB Audio ProcessorNoise CancelingBinaural
D261N-USB Supra Plus Stereo77561-01USBNoise CancelingBinaural
Modified NC Supra Headset for Spectralink Telephones61934-11CordNoise CancelingMonaural
AH460 SupraElitePLA-67490-01CordVoice TubeBinaural