aiphone, video door entry, pan tilt video, phone systems The Aiphone TC-M and TB-ADM10 multiple video door entry is a master to sub internal telephone system, with single or dual master configuration and MK-series audio/video door stations (transfer function between subs is available). Up to 80 TB-SE sub stations can be installed in the same system and up to 10 MK-series audio/video door stations can be added using the TB-ADM10 adaptor. Handset sub stations call in with Tone & LED signal at master station. In addition to communication to remote locations, the Master Station can selectively release the corresponding door strike or maglock. IF/IE door stations can be used instead of TB-SE with TB-AD1 or TB-AD10 adaptors. Master stations are flat and light-weighted with add-on button selectors for better appearance. They can be placed on desk or mounted on a wall.


  • Video entry communication and PanTilt control for up to 10 door or gated entrance areas
  • Video door stations or Audio-only doors can be used
  • Automatic audio and video scanning of entry doors for up to 60 minutes, with adjustable duration of 10, 20 or 30 seconds at each door station
  • Video output to standard CCTV monitor or recording device

Power Source 18V DC, 700mA maximum
*Use PS-1820UL power supply
PanTilt DoorCapacity 10 including IE/IF audio-only door stations
Call-in Timer 40 seconds
Monitor Timer 2-1/2 minutes on MYH-CU
Auto-Scan Timer 60 minutes maximum with duration of 10, 20 or 30 seconds per each location
Press MONITOR button for 2 seconds to initiate
Wiring 2 conductor, 18AWG, non-shielded (Use Aiphone #841802)
6 wires from TB-ADM10 to MYH-CU (Use Aiphone #841806)
Distance MY door to TB-ADM10: 165' with 22AWG, 330' with 18AWG. Up to 980' with MYW-BA Adaptor and wire #851602 (per video door over 330'.)

Typical System Layout:

  • TB-ADM10 is a 10-call PanTilt door adaptor for use with TB-M Internal Telephone System. Using TB-SE sub handset capacity, TB-M may incorporate up to 10 MY PanTilt or IE/IF audio door stations.

aiphone, video door entry, pan tilt video, phone systems

  • A monitor TV must be used for Auto-Scanning, which exceeds usual 2.5 minutes on MYH-CU (together with Time-Lapse VCR)

  • Scanning line- 525 lines only