aiphone, selective call handset, pan tilt video, intercom The Aiphone TD-H/B is a muilt-channel selective calling handset-type intercom system. The system has five different stations that are all intermixable for maximum flexibility and have the ability to provide only the features needed at a given location (optional page zones, with or without talkback). A choice of 1-call (TD-1HB), 3-call (TD-3HB), 6-call (TD-6HB), 12-call (TD-12HB) and 24-call (TD-24HB) master stations is available, to meet every communication requirement. By adding the MY-CU PanTilt videos, you can view who is contacting you on the other end. When MY-DC/A calls in, TD-6H/B stations recieve an intermittent call tone, with an image on video-monitors. Just pick up and select the assigned # station to reply. Add up to two pan tilt doors with other optional equipment such as selective door release, intercom, and paging in one unit. The TD-HB master stations are primarily designed for wall mounting, but with the use of TDW terminal boxes with 1,5m cords, they can easily be turned into desktop handsets for your convenience.


  • Add video door answering to the TD-H system with MY-CU Monitor
  • Add up to two PanTilt doors with MYW-P3CB and MYH-CU monitor(s)
  • Up to two monitors on a system with one power supply, expandable with additional power
  • Selective door release, intercom, and paging integrated into one system

Power Source TD-H/B: 12V DC, 70mA per station.
  • Use PS-1225UL power supply for entire system.

  • MY-CU and two MYH-CU's: 18V DC, 1.7A.
  • Use PS-1820UL.
  • Communication Call-in with intermittent tremolo and video, 45 seconds (rings up to 12 phones).
    Pick up any handset and select station number to answer.
    2 conductor, 18AWG, non-shielded to PanTilt door
  • (Use Aiphone #841802.)

  • 6 wires from MY-CU to MYH-CU(s), looped
  • (Use Aiphone #841806.)

  • See TD-H for more audio system information.
    Distance MY Door to MY Monitor or Adaptor:
    • 165' with 22AWG
    • 330' with 18AWG
    • Up to 980' with MYW-BA and wire #851602
    Adaptor or Monitor to last Monitor:
    • 115' with 22AWG
    • 245' with 18AWG
    • For distances up to 980', use MYW-BA-M adaptor and wire #851602

    Communication Network & Wiring:

    aiphone, selective call handset, pan tilt video, intercom