intercom system, phone intercom system, door release, aiphone intercom The TD-Z Series is a multi-channel, selective-call intercom system with communication privacy when the CT-Z central terminal board is used. 6-call (TD-6Z) and 12-call (TD-12Z) master stations are available and a complete TD-12Z system can handle up to 6 conversations simultaneously! Just simply pick up the handset, select a number, push the CALL-button to call and communicate when another party replies. The system uses a simple home run wiring that runs from each station connecting to the central terminal board and uses paralleled wiring when a central terminal board is not used. Up to 2 door stations can be installed with door release function through DE-UR door station adapter. The TD-Z master stations are primarily designed for wall mounting, with the use of TDW terminal boxes with 1.5m cords; they can be turned into desktop handsets.


  • Privacy intercom system with full trunkage communication
  • 6- and 12-station handsets with maximum capacity of 7 or 13 stations
  • Homerun wiring to CT-Z terminal board, parallel wiring without terminal used
  • Optional paging zones (in place of handset station)

Power Source 12V DC, 90mA per channel. *Use PS-1225UL power supply.
Communication Press station selector button and CALL to ring other station. Full trunkage, including paging.
Wiring 9 wires from CT-63Z to each TD-6Z/A (Use Aiphone #852210.)
15 wires from CT-195Z to each TD-12Z/A (Use Aiphone #852216.)
Distance TD-Z to CT-Z board, homerun:
  • 1000' with 22AWG

  • 2300' with 18AWG
  • Between TD-Z phones, loop wired:

  • 2000' with 22AWG

  • 4900' with 18AWG
  • Communication Network & Wiring Sample:

    a.) Home run wiring with central terminal board:
  • Write wire color code and connect station #1 on 1st row of terminals assigned.
  • intercom system, phone intercom system, door release, aiphone intercom

    b.) Parallel wiring (without central terminal board):

    • Each own station No. button connects to the last station No. 7
    • Locate the power supply near center of the system.
    intercom system, phone intercom system, door release, aiphone intercom