Record telephone conversations from your phone to your PC! - TeleTool 2000 lets you record telephone conversations or voice messages directly to your PC even if you don't have a voice mail system! Recordings can be saved, filed and/or E-Mailed. Voice messages are saved as standard ".wav" files playable on any Windows PC with a sound card. All the receiver needs to do is double-click the document and listen.

TeleTool 2000 works with any telephone that uses a modular handset jack. Just plug in the phone net module that connects the telephone to the computer and a cable that connects to the sound card. It's that simple!

  • Record phone conversations
  • Record and e-mail voice messages
  • Record dictation
  • No voice mail system required
  • Works on any telephone or system
  • Recording software included
  • Sound Blaster Compatible
  • Installs in seconds

TeleTool 2000 is all you need to capture and E-mail telephone and voice recordings!

    Record Phone Conversations:
    Keep a voice diary of family phone calls.

    Record and e-mail voice messages:
    Keep track of critical business calls and email recordings for reference.

    Record office meetings and orders:
    Make audio documents of company meetings or use as a backup for orders.

Hardware Specifications

Compatibility:Standard electric telephone
Normal operating conditions:10VAC, 50mA maximum
Phone system conditions:56.5VAC, 100mA maximum
Normal Operating Frequency Range:300 to 3000hz
Physical dimensions:Case: 2.30 X 2.30 X 1.35? Sound card cable: 11' (10' split to two 1') Long phone cord: 3' Short phone cord: 6" Box 8.5" x 8.0" x 2.0"
Weight:Complete package: 0.75 lbs. Unit: 0.30 lbs.

Wave Shaper Software Specifications

Operating System:Windows 3.1, 95 or 98 with sound card or built in audio capabilities
File type:".wav" file
Max. Record Time:Record time is unlimited
File Management:For a manageable ".wav" size, recordings should be under 5 minutes

Wave Shaper Software Interface

TeleTool Installation

Connection of the cable labeled "SPKR" is only required for playback through the handset. If the "SPKR" cable is connected, it is suggested that the Windows sounds be turned off while using the TeleTool 2000. The sounds can be turned off in the "Sound Properties" window (Start menu/Settings/Control Panel/Sounds) and selecting "(None)" in the "Sound Name" drop down list for each item.

Hardware installation
  1. Connect the Speaker and Microphone jacks (marked on the wire) to the corresponding inputs on your computer's sound card. If you have outboard speakers, plug the speaker jack into the auxiliary speaker jack. If none is avaliable, a splitter will be nessesary.
  2. Unplug the modular handset cord from the base of the phone. Plug the modular cord (included) between the telephone and the TeleTool 2000 telephone jack.
  3. Plug the telephone handset cord into the TeleTool handset jack.
  4. The TeleTool 2000 is supplied with screws and a doublesided adhesive pad to facilitate variety of mounting options. The TeleTool 2000 can be fastened to the kneewell of a desk with supplied screws, or placed in any location on the desktop with the adhesive pad. Screw hole plugs are provided when not using screws.

TeleTool 2000 is designed to allow you to record up to eight hours after the Wave Shaper software has reshaped the wave file fo voice grade. To expand recording time, a larger hard drive and/or more memory may be required.

Please Note: Federal law requires that the caller must be informed that the telephone conversation is being recorded.

Alternative Recording Software

Alternative recording software is also available for use with the TeleTool. Audacity is one that we would recommend. Click Here