tuffset, vxi tuffset, vxi headset VXIís TuffSet Headset Systems are designed to meet the professional-quality needs of todayís 24/7 contact center. Durability, all-day comfort, excellent sound quality, and an unconditional two-year warranty combine to offer you product performance you can count on.

TuffSet headsets are virtually unbreakable and can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit the user's head. Size-adjustment ratchets are made of Teflon-impregnated Lexan plastic to enhance durability and withstand unlimited adjustments. The plastic also reduces friction that can result from adjusting the headset, and eliminates the common problem of snagging the user's hair. The stainless steel headband is bendable to provide users with a perfect fit. The TuffSet headsets feature a unique microphone that is designed for direct input and superior clarity. Especially in noisy environments such as call centers, the microphone cancels out any outside noise and prevents it from interfering with phone calls, saving time and money.

The Tuffset Series provide the best in noise canceling, improving productivity, reducing communication errors, ensuring a professional sounding calls and increasing customer satisfaction. The TuffSet headsets' swivel feature allows the earpiece to withstand tremendous pressure without breaking, and the oversized earpiece cushion helps minimizes ear contact for ultimate comfort. In addition, the headsets' ultra-sensitive speakers and innovative concave earpiece deliver voices with clarity and blocks out exterior noise by fitting snugly to the user's ear. Reducing the need for customers to repeat themselves. Also, the microphone boom's position memory eliminates the need to constantly adjust the microphone to the desired position. The clarity, comfort, ease of use, durability, and overall quality made VXI Tuffset series the best choice for top quality.

Tuffset Series Features:

  • Monaural versus Binaural Monaural headsets have a single speaker which enables you to hear the speaker as well as what is going on around you. Binaural headsets have two speakers, which helps wearers stay focused in a noisy environment.
  • Headset Style Over the head is the traditional headset, held in place with a headband that may be plastic or metal. This style may be monaural or binaural. On the ear headsets fit on or around the ear and are monaural. In the ear headsets are a less commonly used style that utilizes a speaker in the ear.
  • Microphone Options Headsets with omni directional microphones pick up sound from all directions, whereas noise cancelling microphones reduce background noise and are thus a good choice for people working in noisy offices.
  • The Microphone Boom Traditional microphone booms are fixed and made of stiff plastic or metal. Flexible booms are unbreakable and can be positioned just where you want them.
  • Quick Disconnect A feature that headset users swear by, it allows you to leave your desk without removing your headset.

  • TuffSet Call Center Headsets

  • Monaural, Binaural, and Over the Ear headsets.

  • TuffSet Call Center Amplifiers

  • Everon, Powerline, Console, and Carbon amplifiers.

  • TuffSet Call Center Accessories

  • Dial Pads, Replacement Ear Covers, Cords, ect.