TuffSet CT Switch (Model # 200136-CT)
    Alternate your headset microphone between computer and telephone with the push of a button. Perfect for contact center representatives who need to operate both appliances while wearing a single headset. By combining durability, comfort, and superior sound quality the TuffSet CT Switch is built to meet the heavy use demands of todayís 24/7 contact center. Audio from the computer and audio from the telephone are heard simultaneously through the headset. This allows the agent to hear their caller while speaking to the PC or to hear a computer prompt while speaking on the phone. Perfect for speech recognition, VoIP, computer/online training and certain applications for the visually impaired. Utilize with a TuffSet 10, 20 or 36 Headset.

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    Replacement Foam Ear Cover (Model # 13001)
    Soft ear cushion for VXI headsets (Excluding the TuffSet 15, 25 or 36). Also works with Parrott TalkPro products.

    VXI Replacement Foam Microphone (Model # 200541-001)
    Foam Microphone Cover for TuffSet Headsets


    QD 1000 (Model # 13018)
    Gives the representative 10 extra feet of mobility. Simply connect this cord between the quick disconnect feature on your VXI headset

    QD 1026 Cord (Model # 30047)
    TuffSet Lower Quick Disconnect Cord for direct plug in situations where an amplifier is not required. Compatible with Nortel, SP&PLX Series Plantronics Amps & GN Netcom Universal Amps.

    QD 1028 (Model # 13026)
    With quick disconnect. This allows two people to be connected to the same amplifier or phone for training purposes. Two representatives can hear the same call simultaneously.

    QD 1029 Cord (Model # 200419)
    Lower TuffSet Quick Disconnect Cord for Direct plug in situations where an amplifier is not required. Compatible with CallMaster V&VI, Cisco 7940/7960 IP Phones, Lucent 500AM, Plantronics M10&M12

    QD 1095 cord (Model # 10058)
    For use with cordless telephones that have a 2.5 mm headset jack. Simply combine this lower cord with any VXI TuffSet Headsets (TuffSet 10, TuffSet 20, TuffSet 36, Tuffset 15, TuffSet 25). This allows you to enjoy all the benefits and freedom of a headset with your cordless telephone.