Used with TuffSet headsets in high traffic call centers and business applications, TuffSet amplifiers are designed to take the "less than gentle use" that occurs in busy call centers and to work with just about any phone system. Tuffset amplifiers automatically configure to the phone system with no switches need to be set. The TuffSet amplifiers achieve superior sound quality for every phone system.

TuffSet Amplifiers:

    TuffSet Console (Model # 200567-001)

    Key design features have gone into the making of this reliable amplifier. VXI has incorporated a bit of flexibility in the amp housing to accommodate slightly wider spaced prong slots on some telephones. Unlike competitive products, the headset cord is positioned to the side of the amplifier rather than directly in the middle, which prevents the user from roughly tearing the cord out of the unit. This reduces stress and repairs.

    TuffSet Everon (Model # 200929)vxi tuffset, tuffset, amplifier

    The ultimate multipurpose amplifier. The only amplifier compatible with VXI, Plantronics, GN Netcom, and Danacom headsets. Works with most telephone systems - including Lucent 6400 & 8400. (Number pad must be on base of the telephone). Packed with customer friendly technology. VXIís Power Miser technology offers marathon battery life, saving time and money. Safe Sound Protection automatically controls excess receive sound levels and True-Mic noise suppression eliminates background noise when the operator is not speaking.