TuffSet headsets are virtually unbreakable and can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit the user's head. Size-adjustment ratchets are made of Teflon-impregnated Lexan plastic to enhance durability and withstand unlimited adjustments. The plastic also reduces friction that can result from adjusting the headset, and eliminates the common problem of snagging the user's hair. The stainless steel headband is bendable to provide users with a perfect fit.

  • Monaural Headsets:
    • headset, tuffset, vxi headset TuffSet 15 (Model # 200588)
      Great for noisy environments. The TuffSet 15 is a monaural noise-attenuating headset that is designed with comfort in mind. Insulated earpiece helps keep your conversation going without missing a beat. Use with VXI's TuffSet amplifiers.

  • Binaural Headsets:
    • headset, tuffset, vxi headset TuffSet 25 (Model # 200589)
      Even the loudest environments won't get in your way. VXI TuffSet 25 features two insulated earpieces for the ultimate in noise-attenuation. PRODUCT FEATURES: Noise-canceling microphone; Over-sized ear cushions effectively block out background noise; Virtually indestructible, highly flexible microphone boom; Comfortable, snug headband; Durable components for 24/7 use; Quick disconnect; Excellent for very noisy environments.

      headset, tuffset, vxi headset TuffSet, Observer 20 (Model # 200547)
      Binaural observer headset allows supervisors or trainees to listen to agent calls for training purposes. Does not have a microphone, so the caller does not hear the observer. Used with the Y training cord or the observer port on the Everon amp. Ultra comfortable fit for all day wear.