Valcom Accessories for VoIP Paging Adapters

Save time, effort and money with these simple accessories. Get on and off the job quickly with simple installations that add great quality to your existing VoIP Paging Adapters from Valcom.

Lay-In Ceiling Speakers

Lay-in ceiling speakers quickly replace 2' x 2' or 1/2 of a 2' x 4' ceiling tile, with trim bar included. Ceiling speakers are available in one-way and talkback models. Get on and off the job quickly while saving time, effort and money!


  • No cutting tiles, no broken tiles, no mess
  • Excellent music and voice quality
  • Inconspicuous front accessible volume control
  • Integral backbox meets or exceeds ASTM E84 flame and smoke test with 3 hour burn rating (UL 181)
  • Durable white acrylic backed enamel finish
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Affordable
  • Approved for use in the city of Los Angeles (RR 7811)
  • Includes trim t-bar
  • UL approved
Ordering Information:
  • V-9021 - 2' x 1' Lay-In Ceiling Speaker w/Backbox (One-Way)
  • V-9022A-2 - 2' x 2' Lay-In Ceiling Speaker w/Backbox (One-Way)
  • V-9028 - 2' x 2' Lay-In Ceiling Speaker w/Backbox Dual Input (One-Way)
  • V-9061 - 2' x 1' Lay-In Ceiling Speaker w/Backbox (Talkback)
  • V-9062 - 2' x 2' Lay-In Ceiling Speaker w/Backbox (Talkback)

Click here to view Valcom's Lay-In Ceiling Paging Speaker w/Backbox PDF.

Slimline Wall Mounted Paging Speaker

The Slimline speaker is modern and affordable. Offers easy installation - simply hang on a single screw or use the two screw bosses.


  • Available in black, white, brown, gray, and custom color
  • Dimensions: 7.0"(H) x 10.3"(W) x 3.8"(D)
Ordering Information:
  • V-1046 - Slimline Speaker (Talkback)

Click here to view Valcom's Slimline Wall Mounted Paging Speaker PDF.

High-Efficiency Horns

Ideal for industrial, manufacturing and warehouse areas. Offers the easiest mounting method in the industry with Valcom's Omni-Lock mounting system.


  • Easy Omni-Lock I-beam clamp mounting system
  • Weather-resistant
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Available in beige and gray
  • Mount base before construction is done
  • Moveable - 360 degrees rotation (other horns only move up and down)
  • Shatter-proof base fits seven standard electrical gang boxes
  • Dimensions: 7.38"(H) x 10.0"(W) x 10.4"(D)
Ordering Information:
  • V-1030C - High-Efficiency Horn 5-watt
  • V-1030C-GY - High-Efficiency Horn 5-watt (Gray)
  • V-1036C - High-Efficiency Horn 15-watt
  • V-1036C-GY - High-Efficiency Horn 15-watt (Gray)
  • V-1048C - Talkback High-Efficiency Horn
  • V-1048C-GY - Talkback High-Efficiency Horn (Gray)
  • V-1048B - Talkback High-Efficiency Horn (LED)

Click here to view Valcom's High-Efficiency Paging Horn PDF.

Switching Power Supply

State of the art technology gives Valcom's Switching Power Supplies a competitive advantage. These supplies offer a highly reliable power source in a smaller, more efficient package than their linear counterparts.


  • High-efficiency (90%)
  • Less heat dissipation
  • Much lighter (40%)
  • Available for 100-230 Volt 50-60 Hz
  • Less power consumption
  • Much smaller (20%)
  • "Brownout" protection
  • Larger units provide multiple 2 Amp outputs to allow class 2 or LEO wiring
  • UL, CSA, CE
  • Dimensions: 10.3"(H) x 5.92"(W) x 2.5"(D)
  • Wall mount
Ordering Information:
  • VP-6124 - Switching Power Supply 6 Amp

Click here to view Valcom's Switching Power Supply 6 Amp For powering paging speakers PDF.

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