The Fax Server IP is a single channel Fax Server which sends and receives faxes via LAN. It is the ideal Fax Server to replace the fax machine(s), simply connect it to the same existing line.

The Fax Server IP is a single line unit that needs to be connected to an analogue internal extension (like most normal fax machines) or an external analogue line. It is the ideal solution for an average sized organization which might send and/or receive anything from 10 to 200 faxes per day providing the fax traffic is spread out over time.

Using the Fax Server for all fax traffic will also eliminate the need for paper archiving. The Fax Server will automatically archive every incoming or outgoing fax digitally. The moment it is connected the power of fax integration with your network will become clear. Faxes can be sent and received from the employees PC's by e-mail or with the supplied software.

Although internally very sophisticated, the Fax Server IP is a delight in simplicity for the user. It requires no maintenance, no integration with exchange and takes up no licenses on the network.

  • Incoming and outgoing faxes at every workstation
  • Up to 1.000.000 fax pages storage capacity
  • Easy to connect to local network
  • Works with LAN or internet
  • Connects fax and Email
  • Can be used with Windows 98 2000 and XP

Paperless Office

When the computer was introduced, it was thought to be the ultimate solution for offices to go paperless. However, it turned out to be just as big a paper producer as the old fashioned type writer. In our modern times, we have learned to be more careful with our environment. One of the main concerns is the amount of trees we use in our endless hunger for paper.

Vidicode Fax Servers are a giant step on the road to a paperless office. A Fax Server sends and receives faxes to and from your network. Sent and received faxes are stored on the Fax Servers own internal hard disk. After being stored, it can be:

  • Automatically sent by e-mail to the appropriate e-mail address
  • Printed out to a network laser printer if needed
  • Archived and viewed with the Fax Server Access software
  • All of the above.