The Voice Logic VoicePro System is a combination Voice Mail System and hybrid telephone switch for the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) market. Supports up to 4 incoming phone lines and up to 12 extensions. Extensions support regular telephones, fax machines, cordless phones, and credit card machines. Standard features such as music, on hold input, and pager notification make it an exceptional product.

The VP206 System

The VP206 System supports up to 2 incoming lines, up to 6 extensions with 2 ports available for voice mail, 85 mail boxes, and 2 hrs. of message storage. There are 4 main system greetings w/Auto Attendant, Night, and Weekend Greetings. Program via phone extension with remote programming possible, as well as remote access to leave and retrieve messages. System allows user to make station intercom calls, place calls on hold (Music on Hold is available with a music source), transfer from one extension to another, and 3 party conferencing.

The Voice Logic Voice Pro 206 System Features:

Prime line select (no need to dial 9)
No need to dial 9 for outside calls.

Music on hold Input
Plays music for caller on hold.(External device such as a CD player required).

Pager Notification
Notifies pager when a Voice Mail message is placed.

User programmable from any telephone
Program voice mail service or listen to messages from any telephone.

Call Transfer
Transfer calls to others people connected to the telephone system.

Telephone System Features:

  • 2 lines
  • 6 extensions
  • Stand alone
  • Hold
  • Transfer
  • Conference
  • Prime line select (no need to dial 9)
  • Call pickup
  • Door box
  • Hold recall
  • Virtual extensions (parking orbits)
  • Use standard telephone
  • Call screening
  • Intercom calling
  • Call forward to extension, mailbox
  • Automated call forward off-premise (w/Centrex service)
  • Call waiting
  • Flash
  • Paging
  • Caller ID
  • Music on hold

Voice Mail Features:

  • 2 ports
  • 2 hours messaging
  • Multiple menus and greetings
  • Day/night/vacation greetings
  • Call screening
  • All digital
  • Programmable greeting & message length
  • 5 information only mailboxes (programmable up to 50)
  • 85 mailboxes
  • Pager notification
  • Remote programming
  • User programmable from any phone
  • Security codes
  • Time/date stamp
  • Battery backup
  • Message waiting indicator (if phone set supports)
  • Message retrieval
  • 2-way record
  • Auto-attendant

If you need help configuring a Voice Logic Telephone System,
please call our Support Line at 877-TWAcomm