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Neck and upper back muscle tension is one of the most common ailments of office workers today. Telephone headsets are a cost-effective, preventative solution for office workers. Telephone headsets help to improve workplace efficiency and productivity. Indeed, headsets are very benefcial in today's demanding work environment. Employers and employees alike will benefit from using headsets, from lower medical costs to happier, more productive workers. Headsets are an ideal addition to any ergonomic workstation.

2. Increased Productivity
Headsets allow you to be more productive while you're on the telephone. Other tasks, such as typing or checking reference materials while on the phone, can be performed quickly and more efficiently.

3. Greater Mobility
With a cordless headset or hands-free cordless phone, you are free to move about your work area and do other things while simultaneously talking on the phone.

Ergonomists agree that anyone who uses a keyboard or takes notes while talking on the telephone would benefit from the hands-free relief provided by a telephone headset. For these workers, the headset should no longer be considered optional equipment, but should be an integral part of the workstation design.

When you crunch the telephone handset against your shoulder and your neck, you are compressing tissues and blood vessels and reducing blood flow. This, over time, can contribute to significant discomfort and ultimately a cumulative trauma disorder of the upper extremities. By using a headset, a correct posture can be maintained and neck and shoulder pain avoided.