aiphone, microprocessor, phone systems, microprocessor system Correctional office areas are busy places. With the majority of communication being internal, itís important to have a system that allows access to all employees or an individual employee without interfering with the work day. Or when trouble occurs or in an emergency, itís important for teachers to be able to communicate to the main office. With Aiphoneís YAZ intercom system the main office can call and receive calls from classrooms or employees. The YAZ-90-3 is a mircoprocessor-based intercom, requiring no central exchange unit with a maximum capability of 90 stations installed per system. Wiring is accomplishd by running 4 twisted pairs in parallel throughout the system, which facilitates ease in installation, change loction and system expansion. Various communication functions are standard. The system can also easily expand to a maximum distance of 2,9 km using 0,8mm wires. This type of system would be ideal in a reception or lobby area, schools, hospitals, offices, public institutions, factories, and banks.


  • Microprocessor based system expandable to 90 stations
  • Easy 4-twisted pair loop wiring with long distance capability (up to 1.2 miles with 22AWG wire)
  • Up to 8 paging zones or remote control functions can be added
  • Additional features include 2-digit dialing, camp-on busy, call transfer and conference calling

Power Source 24V DC, 150mA maximum. 20mA standby. *Use one PS-2420UL per 30 stations.
Communication 2-digit dialing 10~99. Call by ringing tone or overhead page. Handset with privacy.
3 talk channels including paging.
Wiring 4 twisted pairs, looped. (Use Aiphone #832208.)
Distance 1.2 miles with 22AWG
1.8 miles with 20AWG

Communication Network & Wiring:

aiphone, microprocessor, phone systems, microprocessor system