Structured wiring provides secure, reliable, and fast connectivity between consumer electronic devices in the home.

Only a few years ago, residential structured wiring was used mainly to distribute telephone service throughout the home. Today, it has expanded to deliver a host of services. Homeowners need reliable distribution of Internet for surfing, online gaming, and streaming music and movies, as well as other services such as HDTV, IPTV, VoIP, and FTTH (fiber to the home). Supporting the in-home network with a structured wiring infrastructure provides the reliability, security, and flexibility these technologies require.

With all of these technologies becoming commonplace, a centralized distribution point provides a straightforward solution for managing the needed connectivity and hardware. Leviton’s Structured Media® Center enclosures house all the equipment that controls distribution of signals coming from outside the home, including copper and fiber optic lines for cable, Internet, and telephone.

Leviton has been innovating since 1906, at the dawn of the electrical age. More than a century later, and in a new era of digital technology, Leviton continue to be both a pioneer and market leader. Choose Leviton and you’ll deliver the unmatched quality, performance, and reliability that today’s homeowners expect. And for the ultimate guarantee, installations by Residential Network Installers include product warranty coverage for up to 25 years.

Structured Media Center Enclosures for Single-Family Homes

  • End cap knockouts allow separation of coaxial and structured wiring
  • Temporary dust cover protects the enclosure during construction
  • Expansion boards allow a customized mix of active and passive enclosure components
  • 14, 28 and 42 inch models offer optimal sizing for homes with two-to-five or more bedrooms

  1. Leviton Structured Media Enclosure
    Houses and protects telephone, data, video and other components

  2. Leviton High-Density Compact Patch Panel
    Compact design, protective cable management with reliable CAT 5e or CAT 6 connectors

  3. Leviton Telephone Input Distribution Panel
    Compact telephone distribution with terminated security test port

  4. Leviton Gigabit CAT 6 Network Router
    Optimized for maximum speeds using 10/100/1000 CAT 6 compliant data network distribution

  5. Leviton Amplified Video/TV Distribution Module
    Premium grade distribution, SCTE/HDTV/DOCSIS transmission compliant

  6. Leviton Video Camera Interface Hub
    Distributes four video surveillance cameras

  7. ISP Modem (3rd Party)
    DSL, cable or fiber optic Internet access modem

  8. Harman Kardon® A-Bus Multi-Room Audio
    4-zone audio content distribution to A-BUS® volume controls

  9. Leviton Versatile Power Supply
    Compact power supply provides two NEMA 120VAC and six 12VDC power connections

Technology is an inseparable part of our lives. Structured wiring is a small investment that helps simplify how Leviton manage in-home technologies.

Residential structured wiring is often seen as a luxury, not a necessity. But the technologies that rely on that connectivity are part of everything Leviton do. Those working in the industry, from equipment manufacturers and wiring contractors to service providers and standards bodies, know that it’s structured cabling that makes home technology function.

The converse is true as well. Not only does a sufficiently wired home benefit homeowners, inadequate wiring can lead directly to poor hardware and service performance. For the companies that deliver and support the connected services, the costs are significant: increased phone support and on-site maintenance costs, dissatisfied customers, lost sales, and ultimately a poor reputation for both the organization and the industry.

The real dollar costs of installing structured wiring, whether in an MDU or a single-family residence, are usually less than 1% of the total property value — a small investment compared to upgrading wiring after the construction is complete.

Support a host of consumer electronics with structured wiring and Leviton Connected Home solutions:

  • High Definition TV (HDTV)
  • Home theater equipment
  • Satellite & Cable TV converters
  • High-speed Internet routers & modems
  • Video game consoles
  • Network storage devices
  • Internet radios
  • Smart phones
  • Media players
  • Blu-rayTM Disc players

Consumer electronics are connected to either active or passive components in a centrally located Structured Media® Center (SMC) enclosure.

Components that require power are considered active. They must be connected to a power supply module inside the SMC enclosure. Routers, video amplifiers, audio controllers, and camera hubs are examples of active components. Generally, active components provide enhanced features.

In contrast, passive components are not powered. They’re used for making physical connection to components and linking to active equipment. Patch panels, video splitters, and Structured Media cabling panels are passive components.