Rather than listening to a mis-tuned radio station or dead air, use on-hold time to educate, inform, and entertain clients about products and services. Let On-Hold Advertising's "voice at your service" speak for you. Increase caller awareness, decrease caller hang-up, promote company services, introduce new products, and advertise specials. On-Hold Advertising uses professional tv/radio voice talents, experienced scriptwriters, completely custom programs, fully licensed music, digital recording studios, and programs for every budget.

The professional staff at On-Hold Advertising is waiting to service your on-hold needs. A business' desire to announce information to their callers, along with the time clients are placed on hold, is high. What better opportunity can you have to promote your products and services to an already captive and interested audience?

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1. How do I know if my phone can play music on hold?
On-hold message programs will only play on phone systems with music on-hold capability. The phone system must have a switching box, sometimes referred to as the "brain" of the phone system. About 90% of the phones used in business environments have this capability.

2. If my phone does not have the capability, what do I do?
Even if your phone does not have music on-hold capability, you can still have messages. Depending on what kind of phone you have, an adapter can be purchased that is made exactly for your phone. For example the OHP6500 and OHP7500 from On-Hold Plus.

3. Who installs the equipment?
You do. The playback equipment easily plugs into the music on-hold port of your phone system. In some cases, a phone vender or serviceman will need to install a card into your phone system.

4. Are the messages heard on all phone lines?
Absolutely. Regardless how many phone lines, the messages are heard on all lines. The messages are on a continuous cycle, therefore, clients hear a variety of messages. The messages do not start over each time a caller is placed on hold.

5. How long are message on-hold programs?
You tell us. Your program can be six, nine, or twelve minutes in length. If calls are received from the same people frequently, you may wish to have a longer program...allowing them to hear a variety of messages. In the case you would like to advertise seasonal specials, a shorter length program would work for you.

6. How many messages are on a production, and how long is each message?
Again, that depends on you. Generally messages are 20-30 seconds in length, with 20 seconds of music before the next message begins.

7. I don't feel comfortable writing my own script, how much does it cost for On-Hold Advertising, Inc. to write it?
Nothing. It's included in the cost.

8. Who chooses the background music for my production?
You do. Some clients don't have a required style of music in mind...while others do. Let us know if you prefer a certain style of music or let the engineers choose the type of music they think compliments your production best.