FUN1 Series - Consumer Quality Speaker Microphone:

Small remote speaker mic for use with FRS, GMRS, and other consumer two-way radios.

The PRYME FUN-1 is a handheld speaker microphone that makes operating your radio easier. You can key your transmitter, talk, and receive without ever touching the radio. A clip on the back of the unit rotaes a full 360 degrees. For privacy, the FUN-1 has a built-in 3.5mm jack for an earphone (not included). Additionally there is a switch on the rear of the unit that locks the PTT switch for handsfree VOX operation (if your radio has that feature).

  • 360 degree rotating clothing clip secures the microphone when it is not being used
  • Large speaker for loud receive audio
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Excellent transmit audio
  • For privacy, the FUN-1 has a built-in earphone jack, allowing you to attach any mono earphone with a 3.5mm plug (earphone not included).
  • VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) compatible for hands free operation. (*Requires a radio with the VOX function built in.)

FUN2 Series - Consumer Quality Lapel Microphone:

Simple lapel microphone and earhook style earphone for use with FRS, GMRS, and other consumer two-way radios.

The PRYME FUN-2 features a lightweight microphone designed to be worn on the user's lapel or collar. The microphone has a handy Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch on the side. A PTT locking slide switch on the back allows VOX operation (if the radio has this feature). For listening, this unit features an in-line earphone with soft ear-hook that fits comfortably and holds itself in place during strenuous activities. The earphone can be used on either the left or right ear depending on your preference. The FUN-2 is great for business, such as warehouse and security operations, as well as skiing, hiking, off-roading, paintballing and more.

  • Small easy-to-use lapel mic
  • Comfortable earhook style earphone
  • Clear audio on both transmit and receive
  • Locking PTT switch allows Voice Operated Transmit operation (requires a radio with the VOX feature built in).

FUN3 Series - Consumer Quality Headset:

Low-cost, over-the-ear boom microphone with earphone for use with FRS, GMRS, and other consumer two-way radios.

The PRYME FUN-3 Mini Boom Microphone is a lightweight headset with a soft, foam rubber, adjustable ear-hook that fits over either the right or left ear, depending on your preference. The innovative ear-hook design holds the headset in place comfortably for hours even during physical activity. The compact, in-line Push-to-Talk (PTT) unit has a metal reinforced clip that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the PTT to be either held in your hand or clipped to your clothing for convenient use. The FUN-3 is great for many business, family, or sports activities.

  • Adjustable mini-boom mic with comfortable rubber earhook
  • Fits either left or right ear
  • Large, in-line Push-to-Talk with clothing clip
  • Clear audio on transmit and receive

FUN4 Series - Consumer Quality Throat Microphone:

Affordable throat microphone and D-hook style earphone for use with FRS, GMRS, and other consumer two-way radios

The PRYME FUN-4 Throat Microphone is lightweight and perfect for high noise environments. The single electret condenser mic element picks up the audio directly from the vibrations of the user's vocal cords, cutting down on near-by background noise. The comfortable over-the-ear hook-style earpiece provides great receive audio and prevents other people nearby from overhearing your communications. The FUN-4 features a convenient Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch that is easy to operate. Also INCLUDED is a remote fingertip PTT unit allowing for more covert and convenient use. This very practical and affordable throat mic is great for motor sports, paintball, concerts and other high noise level events.

  • Throat mic reduces background noise by picking up the user's voice directly from vocal chord vibrations
  • Adjustable neck band
  • Large in-line PTT box
  • Remote "fingertip" PTT included
  • D-style earphone can be worn on either ear for privacy