The primary concern in all public safety communications is reliability. Officers depend on their two-way radio audio accessories from the moment of first response until the end of each incident, despite the difficult demands of their environment and job. When they need to communicate, it just has to work.

Law enforcement and public safety workers in many job roles can benefit from the convenience and reliability that an audio accessory provides, including:

  • Uniformed police officers
  • SWAT / tactical teams
  • Plainclothes surveillance
  • Corrections officers
  • Detectives
  • Search and rescue teams
  • Paramedics and EMTs
  • Private security
  • Forensic investigators
  • Military police
  • PRYME Radio Products offers many dependable solutions to meet the arduous demands of public safety professionals; from easy-to-use speaker microphones to covert surveillance products and wireless Bluetooth adapters, our accessories are engineered to work when you need them. That's a promise in which you can trust.


      "PATRIOT" SPM-1400 Series - Heavy Duty Headset

      Behind-the-head headset with noise-cancelling boom microphone and earphone. Can be upgraded to TACTICAL or QD version

      The Patriot is a behind-the-head headset that is a breeze to wear! The noise-canceling flexible boom microphone provides clear transmit audio while the loud single-ear speaker lets incoming signals be heard. Has an inline Push-to-Talk button and features a jack for an optional remote PTT accessory.


      • Rugged, medium duty behind-the-head headset with flexible boom microphone
      • Adjustable, padded headset allows for ideal fit and maximum comfort for long hours of use.
      • Noise canceling boom mic
      • Rugged polycarbonate PTT housing for maximum durability
      • High-quality speaker allows for ideal receive audio.
      • Remote PTT allows for multiple uses in the field.
      • Reinforced strain relief gives unit maximum durability.

      HDS-EM Dual Earmuff Headset

      The HDS-EM is a professional grade dual-muff headset perfect for racing intercom, avionics, and industrial use. The rubber-covered, behind-the-head band and adjustable Velcro head strap are comfortable and keep the headset in place. Receive audio is heard over loud dual-muff earphones and the noise-canceling dynamic boom microphone ensures clear audio on transmit. The HDS-EM is lightweight, comfortable and easy to adjust to fit any user.


      • Dual muff style headset with adjustable behind-the-head stainless steel band and over-the-head adjustable Velcroģ strap
      • Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to adjust
      • Aviation-style boom microphone with adjustable arm
      • Noise-canceling dynamic microphone element reduces transmitted background noise
      • Tactile PTT button mounted in the left earphone
      • Loud muff earphones allow the user to hear incoming signals easily
      • 3.5mm Audio input jack allows a second audio device (such as a scanner or MP3 player) to be heard over the earphones
      • Removable and replaceable radio interface cable
      • Available in flat black or carbon-fiber finishes


      GLADIATOR SPM-1500 Series - Heavy Duty Throat Microphone.

      The GLADIATOR tactical HD throat mic system blocks background noise by picking up sound directly from user's vocal cords. Dual mic elements provide excellent audio and eliminate the throat location placement issues often found with single element products. Has a surveillance style acoustic tube earphone for private communications.


      • Tactical, heavy-duty throat microphone with acoustic earphone
      • Blocks background noise by picking up the sound of the user's voice directly from vocal chord vibration.
      • Uses PRYME's large TACTICAL TOUCH Push-To-Talk (PTT) which can be interchanged with several styles of optional PTT. (Optional PTTs sold separately.)
      • New single piece microphone for comfort with performance
      • Heavy-duty construction, featuring polyurethane cable, rubber, and high-impact polycarbonate
      • Clear acoustic tube style surveillance earphone made of heavy grade surgical tubing
      • Large PTT button for tactical set-up

      SPM-1600 Series Bone Conduction Headset

      The SPM-1600 wrap-around headset features a mic element that rests against the userís temple. The microphones picks up transmit audio directly from vibrations below the userís skin, using advanced bone conduction technology. Since the dual ambient ear speakers do not block the userís ears, the SPM-1600 allows the user to hear both incoming radio calls and what is going on around them.


      • Dual-Bone Conduction temple microphone reduces background noise by picking up transmit audio directly from vibrations below the userís skin
      • Adjustable wrap-around style headset secures behind the userís head
      • Uses PRYMEís upgradable tactical PTT
      • Ambient receive speakers leave the userís ears uncovered so that the user can hear both incoming radio transmissions and the sounds going on around them

      SPM-1700 Series - In-Helmet Skull

      Pryme's lightweight in-helmet communications system mounts without tools to the helmet liner using a unique strap fastener system. The ear speaker provides ambient sound and allows the user to hear incoming radio communications without blocking their ability to hear what is going on around them. Voice transmissions are picked up by a noise-resistant microphone which sense sound vibrations through the userís skull.


      • Easily and quickly installs into most hardhats or helmets with plastic liners
      • Heavy-duty construction, featuring polyurethane cable, rubber, and high-impact polycarbonate
      • Picks up the voice audio directly from vibrations in the userís skull, making it very resistant to picking up background noise
      • Large, ambient receive ear speaker leaves the userís ears uncovered so that they can hear what is going on around them
      • Uses PRYMEís compact TACTICAL TOUCH Push-To-Talk (PTT) for easy activation - The PTT can be interchanged with several optional styles of PTT (Optional PTTs sold separately.)