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Cortelco 9 Series Two Line Telephone
Model # 922500-TP2-27S

9225 Caller ID Type II Multi Feature Telephone....Read More

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AT&T 2-Line Speakerphone with Caller ID and Digital Answering System
Model # ATT-ML17939

2-Line Speakerphone with Caller ID and Digital Answering System supports 2-Line Operation....Read More


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Cortelco 12 Series Two Line Caller ID Business Telephone with 7.5v AC Adapter
Model # 122000-TP2-27S

The new 12Series offers the best features and design for todays Multi-featured Caller ID telephones. Our 12Series offers 4 models that will satisfy your business needs and demands....Read More

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AT&T 2-Line Corded Speakerphone with Caller ID/ Call Waiting
Model # ATT-ML17929

2-Line Corded Speakerphone with Caller ID and Call Waiting....Read More

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Cortelco 2-Line Patriot Speakerphone with Dataport
Model # 219544-V0E-27S

2-Line Patriot Speakerphone with 90V message waiting lamp (also works on 130V switches), data port, 10 number memory, ringer volume control. Specifically designed for hotels, motels or small/home office...Read More


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Gigaset DX800A Multiline Desktop Phone for VoIP and ISDN
Model # DX800A

The Siemens DX800A is a multiline desktop phone for VoIP and ISDN or fixed line calling. It can support up to 4 parallel calls and expandable up to 6 handsets. It has a Large (3.5") TFT-Colour Displa...Read More

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Cortelco Enhanced Colleague Two-Line Corded Telephone
Model # 2220-TP2-27E

For home, home-office, hospitality and business; each model has just the right profile of features to fit every application....Read More

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Vertical-Vodavi 2-Line Hospitality Speakerphone
Model # 2803

Starplus 2803 is designed specially for today's hotel, motel, and resort applications. Your guests will appreciate the added convenience and simplicity provided by this Vodavi phone. This model include...Read More

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Panasonic 2 -Line Corded/Cordless Expandable Link2Cell Telephone System
Model # KX-TG9581B

The reliable, full-featured Panasonic KX-TG958 series system is the smart 2-line business, home and home office solution designed to make calling, messaging and conferencing easier and more convenien...Read More

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