Panasonic Base Cabinet with Power Supply (Refurbished)
Model # VB-44020

Each Base cabinet supports up to 96 ports using flexible or universal card slots. Up to two Base cabinets can be installed in a system. Includes power supply. Read More

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Panasonic Expansion Cabinet
Model # VB-44021

Each added Expansion cabinet expands the system capability by an additional 96 ports. One or two Expansion cabinets can be installed on top of a Base cabinet. Up to four Expansion cabinets can be installe...Read More

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Panasonic Control Processor Card (96-port) - CPC 96 (Refurbished)
Model # VB-44410

The CPC-96 supports a single cabinet (96 ports) and utilizes a 16-bit Central Processor Unit (CPU)....Read More

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Panasonic Control Processor Card (576-port) - CPC 576
Model # VB-44301

This unit supports up to six cabinets (576 ports) and utilizes a 32-bit CPU....Read More

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Panasonic Control Processor Card (288-port) - CPC 288 (Refurbished)
Model # VB-444201

The CPC-288 supports up to three cabinets (288 ports)and utilizes a 16-bit CPU....Read More

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Panasonic Analog Extension Card - AEC/8
Model # VB-44620

This card provides 8 analog circuits. Each circuit supports standard analog telephone devices such as analog telephones, answering machines, fax machines, modems, cordless telephones, etc....Read More

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Panasonic Digital Extension Card (0x8) - Refurbished
Model # VB-44610

This card provides 8 digital circuits. Each circuit supports the Panasonic Digital Key Telephone, Digital Single Line Telephone, DSS/72, and EM/24. Supply voltage for the telephones is supplied by th...Read More


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Panasonic Loop Start Trunk Card (8x0) (Refurbished)
Model # VB-44510

The Loop Start Card supports up to 8 loop start CO lines of any flexible slot. This card meets UL1459 safety requirements, and can be directly connected to CO lines. Read More

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Panasonic Loop Start/Ground Start Trunk Card (8x0)
Model # VB-44511

This card supports both Loop Start and Ground Start Trunks. This card installs in any flexible slot. An internal -48V Power Supply (VB-44022) must be installed when using the Loop Start/Ground Start Card...Read More

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Panasonic E&M Trunk Card - E&M/4 - Refurbished
Model # VB-44560

This card supports E&M type tie line interface (Speech pass 4W / 2W, Control line 4W). THis signaling methods that are supported include Immediate and Wink methods. Each E&M card includes 4 circuits....Read More

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Panasonic Connection Kit
Model # VB-44024

Fittings for interconnecting cabinets in the building block configuration. Read More

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Panasonic Extension MDF Interface - MDF - EXT
Model # VB-44611

The Extension MDF Interface provides for connection from the cabinet to the MDF using standard 25-pair cables. A cable is run from the front of the extension card to the Extension MDF card....Read More


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Panasonic Trunk MDF Interface - MDF-CO
Model # VB-44512

The Trunk MDF Interface card provides easy connection from the cabinet to the MDF via standard female 25-pair cables. This card supports Loop Start, Ground Start, and DID trunks....Read More

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Panasonic Voice Processing Card (4 circuits) -VPU/4
Model # VB-44160

This card contains 4 voice processing circuits. It can be used with Built-in ACD. Built-In ACD uses only 1 voice processing card (the 4 circuit card.) Read More

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Panasonic DID Trunk Card- DIDTR/8
Model # VB-44520

This card supports 8 DID incoming CO lines using Immediate and Wink signaling methods. The DID can be either Dial Pulse (10PPS) or DTMF (only for Wink). DTMF circuits are used when the Wink method is selected....Read More

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Panasonic -48V Cabinet Power Supply
Model # VB-44022

A -48V power supply must be installed in a cabinet when either DID , E&M and/or Ground Start Trunks are employed in the cabinet....Read More

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Panasonic Service Circuit Card - SCC
Model # VB-44181

This card provides enhanced service functions such as two RS232C ports (9600bps), a Background Music input, and two-way external paging control....Read More

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Panasonic Building Block Expansion Cable Kit - CBL
Model # VB-44451

This card supports the interconnection between DBS 576 cabinets in a multiple-cabinet system. This card establishes the bus connections (PCM highway and terminal control) of the Base cabinet and additiona...Read More

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Panasonic Application Processor Interface Card (API1) (Refurbished)
Model # VB-44131

The API provides an interface path between the telephone system's information BUS and a personal computer-based application (such as external integrated voice mail or external enhanced ACD)....Read More

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